The Martinez Gun Club has nine trap fields. Each field can be configured for American Trap, Wobbles or Doubles. Most trap fields are set to American Trap when there is not a competitive shoot. If you would like to practice at Wobbles or Doubles, just ask at the clubhouse.

Trap (American)

American trap is broken down into three categories: 16 yd singles, 16 yd doubles and, handicap which is shot between 19 and 27 yd. In singles each shooter takes one shot at each of five targets in each of the five positions in sequence, while standing 16 yards (15.6 m) back from the trap house. The trap rotates back and forth so it is impossible to know which way the target is going to come out. Handicap is the same as singles but shot from further away. No two shooters on the same squad should have a difference of more than three yards (2.7 m) between them.

When shooting American trap for practice or fun a squad of five will shoot 25 targets each for a total of 125.

More experienced shooters will often shoot from the Skeet positions to increase the difficulty.

All Trap fields at the Martinez Gun Club are completely repaved and reseeded.

Trap Field


A variant of standard trap is Wobble or Wobble Trap. The main differences are a much more extreme target flight path than in standard Trap shooting (the trap oscillates up and down as well as side to side), and shooters at stations 1 and 5 stand at the 18 yard (16.5 m) mark while positions 2-4 stand at the 17 yard (15.5 m) mark. Although this version of trap is not sanctioned by the ATA, many shooters consider it to be both more challenging and engaging as well as a more realistic preparation for bird hunting.


Doubles is shot from 16 yards (15.4 m) and the trap is fixed to fire straight away with the left and right targets appearing to be straight away when standing between positions 4 and 5; and 1 and 2, respectively. For doubles, two targets are thrown at the same time, with one shot per target allowed. There is no second shot on any target in American trap singles or handicap.

Both Skeet fields at the Martinez Gun Club are completely repaved and reseeded and the skeet houses have been rebuilt.

Skeet Field

Skeet is a recreational and competitive activity where participants attempt to break clay disks flung into the air at high speed from a variety of angles. The event is in part meant to simulate the action of bird hunting.

The shooter shoots from 7 positions on a semi-circle with a radius of 21 yards (19 m), and an 8th position halfway between stations 1 and 7. There are two houses that hold devices known as "traps" that launch the targets, one at each corner of the semi-circle. The traps launch the targets to a point 15 feet above ground and 18 feet outside of station 8. One trap launches targets from 10 feet above the ground ("high" house) and the other launches it from 3 feet above ground ("low" house).

At stations 1 and 2 the shooter shoots at single targets launched from the high house and then the low house, then shoots a double where the two targets are launched simultaneously. At stations 3, 4, and 5 the shooter shoots at single targets launched from the high house and then the low house. At stations 6 and 7 the shooter shoots at single targets launched from the high house and then the low house, then shoots a double. At station 8 the shooter shoots one high target and one low target. The shooter must re-shoot his first missed target, or if no targets are missed, must shoot his 25th shell at the low house station 8. This 25th shot was once referred to as the shooter's option as he was able to take it where he preferred.

Now, to speed up rounds in competition, the shooter must shoot the low 8 twice for a perfect score.

The International Bunker contains 15 fixed-angle machines as opposed to the single oscillating machine used in American Trap. The additional machines resolve the fairness issue: as the single machine in American Trap is constantly oscillating horizontally, every shooter will receive a different mix of target angle difficulty.

For example, on any given station, a shooter can plausibly get all (easier) straight-away targets or all extreme angle (more difficult) targets, thus varying his level of difficulty (fairness) considerably in each round shot compared to what his competitor might receive. What target angle the shooter actually gets is a luck of the draw depending on where the constantly-moving machine was pointing at the time he called for his target.

In International Bunker the 15 machine fixed-angle format eliminates this luck of the draw problem, ensuring that all shooters will receive exactly the same targets as all other shooters, hence providing the equal difficulty for all.

A computer is used to ensure this occurs with programming to deliver 10 left, 10 right and 5 straight-away targets to each competitor in a randomized sequence.

Finally, a microphone release system provides equality in target release times. International Bunker is designed to provide unequivocally equal opportunity for all.

International Bunker

The International Bunker at the Martinez Gun Club has been completely rebuilt.

Five Stand is very similar to Sporting Clays in that a wide variety of targets are thrown. The clays, machines and challenges are just the same, but unlike Sporting Clays, in 5 Stand you don't need to walk a course! The five stations are right next to one another!

No two five-stands shoots are exactly alike. There are usually somewhere between 6 and 8 active machines that throw targets for the shoot. At the Martinez Gun Club we have 13 active machines creating the potential for extraordinary challenges!

Participants shoot in turn at each of the 5 stands and various combinations of targets are thrown from the traps. Usually there is a menu card that will advise the shooter of the sequence of targets.

The Martinez Gun Club hosts a Five Stand Shoot often on the last Sunday of the month. Here is another opportunity where you don’t have to be an expert marksman in order to win money! This is because we have a Lewis prize where scores are picked somewhat randomly for shooters to take home a bit of extra cash!

Skeet Field

Five Stand is a great way to get a Sporting Clays like experience in a small amount of space, with very little walking.

A ZZ Bird, also known as Helice, is simulated live bird flight at its best. Unlike straight flying clay targets, ZZ's replicate true flyer abilities zig-zagging, arcing, quail-like flight.

The most popular use of ZZ is a simulation of live bird rings. Several launchers and a fenced-in area replicate the action and rules associated with the sport. This is an attraction to the habitual pigeon shooter, sporting clays enthusiast and to those who enjoy excitement and challenge in their shooting.

Events, awards or prices may sometimes not be current on the web site or changes may be made without notice at the range